Ongoing Opportunities for Bible Study

Ongoing Opportunities for Bible Study

Tuesday Bible Study – The morning group meets at 9:00am in the Parlor and previews the next Sunday’s readings. Their practice is to dwell on what the Scriptures speak to the heart.  Such Scripture reading is both ancient & contemporary. Consider opening yourself to God in this gentle way.

The Tuesday evening group meets from 6 – 7 p.m. in the Vestry room.  This is a small, thoughtful, questioning, and open group.  Beginning September 7th, the Rector will lead a study of the Book of Philippians. No advance preparation is necessary. No advance preparation is required.  Members of the group take turns reading sections allowed, followed by discussion and reflections on the passages read. Please consider joining them. These discussions help to both understand the context in which the scriptures were written and their application to our lives today.

Bible Study for Everyone – if you would like to follow along with our Sunday lectionary readings on your own, copies of a short Commentary and study aid called “Synthesis CE” are available in the Narthex to help you prepare for next week’s readings.

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Article by Mary Alice Bird

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