New Summer Service Music

New Summer Service Music

Sunday Morning Service Music – This summer our service music comes from Jonathan Dimmock’s Missa Appalachia. Missa (Latin “mass”) refers not only to the act of sacramental worship, known by such names as Holy Communion, Holy Eucharist, or the Lord ’s Supper but also conjures up numerous musical settings, musical forms, and the composers who wrote them.

Dimmock is a contemporary church musician. His works appear in both Wonder, Love, and Praise and Enriching Our Worship, supplements to our The Hymnal 1982. A native of Staunton, Virginia, which is beautifully nestled in the very heart of the Appalachian Mountains, Jonathan, like many from that region, claims an ancestry that is at least 40% Celtic (Scots/Irish). 

Celtic and Appalachian music both employ pentatonic scales (the black keys on a piano), melodies shaped with gentle rises and falls, and harmonies that are basic and unencumbered. To me such music speaks of the ease of summer. I hope you enjoy learning these settings of the Gloria, Sanctus, and Fraction anthem.

Article by Mary Alice Bird

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