Movie Nights at St. Peter’s

Movie Nights at St. Peter’s

Some of you may be familiar with a TV series called “The Chosen” – a new telling of the Gospel story. The series started as a crowd-funded project from a small unknown studio, but has really grown in popularity and is now accessible on Netflix and other platforms. A distinction of this version of “the greatest story ever told’ is that the Gospel accounts are slowed down markedly, and filled with detail, allowing a passage of a few verses to carry an entire episode. We are given back stories of the apostles, and the narrative sweeps the viewer along in the emerging ministry of Jesus. A few of us at St. Peter’s have seen the series in our separate homes, and propose that an opportunity for shared viewing of ‘The Chosen” would offer a chance to enhance fellowship within the church.

Starting on Friday, January 12 (and on subsequent Fridays for the 8 episodes of Season 1), we will meet for a simple meal of soup and bread and 5:30 PM in the parish hall. Around 6:00 PM we will watch an episode of approximately 50 minutes, and participants are welcome to remain for an unmoderated discussion.

Jesus, of course, is the central figure in the Gospel, but note the title of the series: “The Chosen”. This is the story of the followers he chose, and in getting to spend time with them as they cohere around Jesus, we shed any notion we might have that these disciples were “special” people we can’t relate to. On the contrary, in their weaknesses, self-doubt, and the internal squabbling that marks their attempts to follow Jesus, we see ourselves, and in that realization lies the challenge for all of us to walk in The Way. The disciples had each other as sounding boards, confidantes, and support – can we offer more of the same to one another?

Please join us on Friday nights. Come for all or part of the gathering – whether for the meal alone, the showing alone or the full evening. As the series is available on several streaming platforms, there should be no fear of losing the thread if you miss a given Friday night.

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