In-Person Worship Resumes with the Feast of Pentecost, Sunday, May 23

In-Person Worship Resumes with the Feast of Pentecost, Sunday, May 23

Next Sunday, May 23, the Feast of Pentecost, St. Peter’s will resume in-person worship with a festive service of Holy Eucharist outdoors at the church. We have not been able to be together like this since Christmas Eve, and it will be so good to be able to be together again. (In the event of rain, we will move indoors with masks and social distancing.)  Please bring your masks, wear warm clothing (it will still be chilly), and BYOC (bring your own communion bread and wine). 

Thereafter, St. Peter’s will offer in-person worship for up to 30 people at each service: 

  • Sundays, 9:00 am, Holy Eucharist, rite II (live-streamed)
  • Sundays, 5:30 pm, Celtic Eucharist
  • Wednesdays, 7:00 am, Contemplative Eucharist

St. Peter’s will continue to maintain all state and local covid-19 prevention protocols:

  • unless we are outside, we are limited to 30 persons in our sanctuary, in order to accommodate social distancing requirements;
  • all worshipers must wear masks indoors;
  • we will continue to keep contact tracing information;
  • we will sanitize our common areas before and after each service, and ensure exchange of air in the sanctuary between Sunday services; and
  • Holy Communion will be offered BYOC (bring your own communion bread and wine) and consumed at your place in the pews. 

Although many, if not most of you, are already fully vaccinated, know that we will continue to maintain state and local pandemic protocols to ensure the safety of everyone.  Remember, children will not yet have been vaccinated, and because we can all be carriers, we want to do as much as we can to protect the most vulnerable in our midst, including our own children and grandchildren.  These requirements, of course, are subject to change, but this is what you can expect as of this writing.

Our building will remain closed to all but scheduled users, all of whom have agreed to maintain our covid-19 prevention protocols. 

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