Courageous Communication Workshop Series

Courageous Communication Workshop Series

Registration is now open for a five-part workshop called Courageous Communication (aka nonviolent communication) sponsored by St. Peter’s beginning May 14.

Especially in times of political, racial, and social division, we want to consider and practice how to listen with compassion, speak with gentle clarity, and stand our ground in love. We recognize such courageous communication as a hallmark of many traditions (and of those with no such tradition) and we are looking to engage a sense of shared community with our neighbors in the Midcoast of Maine.

Sessions will be held on Zoom from 9:30 to noon on Friday mornings, from May 14 to June 11, with breaks provided.

  • Each session will be facilitated by Peggy Smith, a licensed trainer in nonviolent communication. Click here to learn more about Peggy.
  • Peggy advises that participants print off emailed materials since having hard copies, along with paper and something to write with, will facilitate discussion.
  • Recommended donation for the facilitator is $130 per person, but pay what you can and know that no one will be turned away for nonpayment. Make checks payable to St. Peter’s Episcopal Church with “Courageous Communication” in the memo line and mail them to St. Peter’s Episcopal Church, 11 White Street, Rockland, ME 04841. All monies will go for the facilitator. Alternatively, you can donate to the facilitator by following the Give Donation link on this website. (Select one-time donation, restricted gift, and write in “Courageous Communication”). Please submit donation no later than June 10.
  • The Workshop has a ceiling of 30 persons.
  • Participants may withdraw at any time. But registration will be considered closed to new participants on May 21. The Workshop requires time to build trust within small groups, and continuity and commitment are important ingredients to the Workshop.
  • Register for the Courageous Communication Workshop by emailing the parish office ( Include your name, contact information, and statement of desire to join Courageous Communication. A mailing from the facilitator with Zoom details will constitute your registration receipt.

For more information, please contact the parish office: or 207-594-8191.

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